Soundtraxx Multi-Train Sound System

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Multi-Train Sound System for DCC

SurroundTraxx gives you the realism of high-fidelity sound following the train as it travels about the layout, without installing sound decoders/speakers onboard the engine. The engine only requires a simple “TranspondingTM” mobile decoder manufactured by Digitrax.
As a train moves along its route, SurroundTraxx makes continuous adjustments to the sound level of each speaker so that the sound appears to follow the train around the layout.

DCC surround-sound system for your layout, suitable for all scales – N through G!

  • Use any 8ohm Speaker (or subwoofer for lower frequencies) that suits your needs.
  • Six Sound Channels allow up to six different “sound zones” on your layout allowing daisy channing of additional units to accommodate the largest layout.
  • Simultaneous sound operations for up to six trains running at once.
  • Memory storage for up to 99 locomotive personalities.
  • An extensive sound library to closely match all popular steam and diesel prototypes.
  • Adjustable echo and reverb.



Item Description MSRP Lin’s Price
840001 SurroundTraxx Multi-Train Sound System for DCC $595.00 $505.75