Tam Valley Depot Dead Rail System

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DRS1 Receiver, 916.49 MHz, MkII

This is a receives which receives wireless DCC signal and creates DCC on-board from a battery to replicate the DCC signal to an existing DCC locomotive decoder. Works with all DCC decoders including sound decoders that need 1.5 Amps or less. Replaces the wires from the wheels. Comes with wiring harness of 26 ga. flexible stranded wire. The antenna can be repositioned by bending to any shape that does not touch itself. There are 2 LED indicators: green indicates power and red indicates the signal strength. Receiver is 34mm x 18mm (1 5/16″ x 3/4″). The unit is 4mm (5/16″) thick. Maximum continuous current is 1.5A continuous, 2A peak.

Batteries are not included. 11.1V Lithium ion batteries work well (do not exceed 14.8V). Or use 3



portable phone NIMH batteries (9 cells) for 10.8V). One advantage of the NIMH option is you can arrange to trickle charge them from the track. In this new version we have added reverse voltage protection, a longer flexible antenna for better reception, and larger wire in the wiring harness.

The DRS1 receiver is compatible with the CVP T5000 on channel 16.
The DRS1 receiver works with all brands of DCC decoders. Decoders can be programmed through the radio by connecting the transmitter to the service track (no read back), using programing on the main or use the T5000.

Item Description MSRP Lin’s Price
701-DRX021 DRS1 Receiver, 916.49 MHz, MkII $69.95 $63.00

DRS1 Transmitter, 916.49 MHz, MkII

Takes the DCC signal from your existing command station and puts it on the air to be picked up by the receiver(s) in your locomotive(s) (see above). Simply connect to the back of your command station to the rail outputs and place in the center of the room near the ceiling. Use twisted pair or speaker cable for long runs (> 10 ft) back to the command station. Since the transmitter only draws 21 mA, the wire can be as small as 28 ga. Only one transmitter is needed for the entire layout. This device transmits low power radio frequencies on the Instrument-Scientific-Medical (ISM) band (also used by 900 MHz cordless phones) with a range of about 50 feet.



The new MKII version is smaller and more compact. Dimensions are 79mm (3.125″) 20mm (0.812″) long by 15mm (0.635″) thick. Input: DCC 5-30V peak-peak; uses 21 mA (.02A). Ouptut -4.3 dBm 916.49 MHz.

This unit complies with FCC Rules Part 15 for Class B devices using the included antenna.

Will interfere with another device that operates within ~0.5 MHz of this device. So if you have another radio device in your train room check that it is on a different frequency.

Item Description MSRP Lin’s Price
701-TRX021 DRS1 Transmitter, 916.49 MHz, MkII $69.95 $63.00