Tam Valley Depot LED Decoder

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LEDecoder – 3 Output Lighting Decoder

This handy little decoder can be used to drive LEDs in a variety of lighting applications. It can be used to drive 3-LED signal heads. it is set up for JMRI (type Double Output). Can also be used to



light a building or a car. with the flicker function it can imitate a flickering light bulb, a welding arc or a campfire. Although the outputs are marked R Y G for ease of wiring to a signal head, any color LED can be used. In addition there is a mode for driving a 2-lead bi-color LED.

The decoder uses 2 consecutive DCC addresses – one controls the R output and the other controls the G output. If both are on then the Y output is lit.

Item Description MSRP Lin’s Price
701-LED001 LED Decoder – 3 Output Lighting Decoder $15.95 $14.96