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Lin’s Junction “Sugar Cube” speakers

There is a new speaker technology which is being used in the cell phone and laptop equipment. This means that they make a gazillion of these speakers thus permitting a lot if engineering to develop the best possible sound.  You will find the Sugar Cube listing under DCC.

Announcing Tsunami2 Premium Digital Sound Decoders!

SoundTraxx is pleased to announce Tsunami2, a new line of Digital Sound Decoders that combines the best in digital sound with trailblazing and innovative operating features. Tsunami2 sets a new standard for premium sound decoders, with the emphasis on FUN! More sounds, more features, more ways to run your trains like a real engineer. Your model railroading experience will leap to a whole new level of realism!  Expansive memory means that each decoder is packed with multiple prototypes and accompanying sound effects.  No computer dongles or downloading is required.


What’s New at Lin’s Junction?

A train hobby with no reservations has become a thing of the past, sort of. To take this literally, manufactures are no longer risking large sums of their investment capital on new hobby items that are not guaranteed sure-shots. As a result, they are manufacturing only what they are sure of selling. What does this mean to you? It means that if we don’t know you want it, we cannot give the manufacturers any idea of how many to build.

So if you really want a particular train model that has been announced, don’t rely on it simply being available—reserve it! We are expanding our reservation system to track what you want.  So please, reserve the items that are important to you.

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